The Sims 4 (PC/MAC)


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The Sims 4 (PC/MAC) must be activated and installed via Origin. No physical item will be sent by post. You will receive an Origin CD key via email, which includes instructions on how to install the game Download Guide

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Get the ability to create and control people in a virtual world completely without rules. Express your creativity by customizing the look and unique personalities of your Sims. Choose their fashion style, choose their hairstyle, and give them life goals. Build the perfect home for your Sim with the all-new space-based feature Build, and choose your favorite designs and furnishings. Influence your Sims' relationships, throw them into new careers, and shape the great and entertaining moments of their lives. Explore beautiful worlds with unique surroundings, and travel to neighborhoods where you can visit scenes and meet other interesting Sims. Become powerful and free, and have fun playing with life!

Create unique Sims
Create Sims with unique looks, great personalities and new emotions. Shape your Sim's body using the new Make a Sim tool and choose their hairstyles, gait and fashion. Give their lives purpose by choosing qualities and aspirations that give you control over their thoughts, body and soul.

Build the perfect home
You can easily build and design your home for your Sims with the new space-based function Build. Build your dream home by designing its layout, choosing furniture and customizing the landscape. You can even add a swimming pool or a basement!

Explore living worlds
Travel between worlds, explore unique neighborhoods, and experience new scenes. Your Sims can visit new neighborhoods to expand their social circle, hang out with friends in the park, or find and collect fun items.

Play with life
Check out the great and entertaining moments in your Sim's life right from relationships to careers. Your choices shape all aspects of Sims' lives from being babies, toddlers and as adults. Help the Sims develop skills and try out hobbies.

Add new experiences
The brand new Gallery allows you to expand your game with content that other players have shared with the community, and you can also share your own stuff. Download, like, and comment on your favorite swimmers, complete homes and rooms with complete designs.