Membership Conditions

Gamemore+ is a membership club where we help our members with a number of benefits: 

Crazy prices on games 

Lightning fast delivery 


Unlimited purchase

Free shipping 

Price Guarantee 

 53£ value in ZO coins every month! 

Unique Game Section where you can earn ZO coins every day
Unique competitions for members only 

Exclusive online store for members only 

Extra good offers is a gaming universe where we offer the latest and best games at insanely low prices, as well as the opportunity to earn our own currency: ZO coins, which can be used to participate in competitions with really big winning chances, play cool and unique games, and buy new products at well below normal retail price. 

As a member of gamemore+, you get access to the most popular games as well as an automatic replenishment of ZO coins (value 53£) for only 29£ / month. 

You always get the first 14 days for free, and the membership can be terminated at any time. 

To shop at our membership prices at, it is a condition that the customer registers for a membership when completing their first purchase. The customer must be 18 years of age or older. Only one membership can be created per. customer. Only private persons can create a membership. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the account information is up to date and correct at all times.

The membership price is  29 pound, - incl. VAT pr. month and is charged from the customer's debit card monthly following the end of the trial period This means that the membership price is not charged for the first 14 days, as this period is considered a trial period. During the trial period, the customer can make use of the statutory cancellation right according to the Consumer Contracts Act § 18. The first time the membership price is charged on the customer's debit card is 14 days after the customer has created the account. We always send a notification to the email address provided by the customer seven days before charging the membership price, where the customer also has the opportunity to terminate the membership.

If the customer wishes to terminate the membership, this can be done with immediate effect until the end of the period paid at the time of termination. The termination must be made in writing to Subject field = Termination. 

You can terminate your membership at any time. Please note that if you cancel your membership during the free trial period, you will not be able to start a new trial period, but that the membership price will be charged from the re-registration date. 

Upon termination, the customer's account becomes inactive when the paid period expires, unless the customer wishes to terminate the membership during the trial period, where the customer's account becomes inactive immediately after the termination is received at 

If the customer does not terminate the membership within the said period, the membership becomes active and the customer automatically earns ZO coins to their account to a value of 46 pound. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one by using the 'Forgot your password?' function which can be found in connection with the login function. Should it unexpectedly not be sent a new password to your e-mail, you can contact