Fallout 76 (PC/MAC)

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Bethesda, the award-winning game maker behind Skyrim and Fallout, now welcomes you to Fallout 76. Here, for the first time in the series' history, you will take up the battle against real people when the digital battlefield goes online. Fallout 76 is exclusively online. Work together - or against each other - to survive. You are S.P.E.C.I.A.L, but you are not alone.

Only 20 years after the bombs fell, you step out of Vault 76. You are among the first survivors to help rebuild society. Players in Fallout 76 will experience a world ravaged by nuclear war but not ravaged by the decay of time. It has been a short time since the bombs fell, and Fallout 76 is therefore much more colourful than the previous games.

Play SOLO or CO-OP
In Fallout 76 you will explore a huge, dynamic and vibrant world. It is in fact the largest world in the series' history and 4 times bigger than Fallout 4. And the world is not only bigger, it's more beautiful. The world is not just trees and shrubs thrown on top of the old world from Fallout 4. Todd Howard, director of Bethesda, has announced that Fallout 76 has undergone a huge transformation. New light, new rendering and brand new technology that makes the landscape seem much more alive.

Mountain Splendorland!
The new graphics, brand new lighting and ingenious, new technology behind the landscape of Fallout 76 bring six new regions to life in West Virginia. Here you can experience a lush forest landscape or the barren desert lawns. Each region has pros and cons and you have to decide where you want to knock it down and build your camp. A post-apocalyptic America has never looked better!

The American Dream!
Fallout 76 got a brand new system where you can build your base (C.A.M.P). Your C.A.M.P will provide you with shelter, supplies and security. You can even build your own shop where you can sell and buy materials, weapons and food. Be on guard though! Not everyone in Fallout 76 is a good neighbour.

The Power of the Atom!
Even if you are set on earth to rebuild, explore and survive in West Virginia, you most likely also have a finger in knocking it back to the Stone Age. Scattered throughout the folder in Fallout 76 you will find inactive missile silos. These missiles can be activated through launch codes, which are also scattered. It's your job to collect these and execute attacks on enemy players, dangerous creatures or anything else. A word of advice: Find them before they do.